Missing Them

I do not know what I feel,

Seems still stuck, still the same.

I hope everyone senses,

my agony that kills.


I hope my old students were here,

but here I am, shedding tears.

Oh I miss 8E!

Every single day! ūüė¶

How it feels to be underestimated

If you were underestimated before, do not worry, I’ve been there a couple of times.I know, it feels¬†horrible. It really feels devastating. Before, I had wanted¬†to prove myself but other people did not entrust challenging tasks to me because they sometimes thought that I was¬†good at nothing. They did belittle me. I would say that at times, other people still underestimate me¬†today.

It hurt¬†me for a moment but when¬†I¬†realized that what they thought¬†of me¬†did not matter, I¬†started to believe more in myself. The first thing I did was to observe my surroundings but not to react about the things they said about me. Then, I sometimes ignored¬†them but oftentimes, I was challenged to exert more effort in everything I do. I always did my best especially when dealing with the things I was¬†happy to do. Right then and there, I started to prove that I am better than what they thought of me. There were times that I noticed that it’s as if they couldn’t believe in my capabilities—- and that they were wrong. If made me felt a little bit happy.

Although I felt a little bit gratified, how I wish that they change their attitude towards other people whom they think are inferior than them. If it’s not today, probably tomorrow. ūüė¶


Underestimating Other People

Sometimes, it seems very easy for other people to underestimate someone. Other times, it may seem that it is their gratification to let someone down. It is probably human nature to criticize but it is still a huge mystery for me why  others have the courage to still kick someone even though they are already down.

I was bullied before and it was the most horrible days of my life. Way back in my elementary years, I was teased by my classmates because of my curly hair and dark skin. They crashed my confidence especially when I played volleyball. They laughed and yelled at me. I was hurt. However, I regained my confidence when I was in high school. I focused in my academic studies and was able to get awards. I then realized that it does not matter what other people say about me, what matters most is what I think about them. I concentrated more in my potentials and what I could do. Also, it happened that I befriended a lot of people who understand me.

Since then, I was able to stand on my own. I am happy that I can share you a little bit of my experience. If it happens that you are being bullied or underestimated by someone, do not be dismayed or discouraged. You are as beautiful as you are. You have genuine talents that other do not have. You are unique and blessed. Be happy. Live life to the fullest.Image result for happy lady with arms wide open

Image source:https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=picture+on+underest&rlz=1C1CHBD_ enPH733PH733&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiawKKk58DTAhWKv7wKHe HADyAQ_AUICSgC&biw=1366&bih=662#tbm=isch&q=happy+lady+with+arms+wide+open& imgrc=jK1mHZIEqQ3QuM:

Human Flaws


I believe that humans are good at heart. Although at times, it is very inevitable to see human flaws. I have seen a lot of people who usually blame other persons for their own misfortunes in life. Sometimes, I myself could be guilty of this too.

What is more alarming is when people always emphasize the faults and wrongdoings of other people. Some¬†try so hard to rectify and settle problems. However, with a glimpse of another issue, past wrongdoings may be once again revealed and unsettled. Then, the whole same issue revolves again. It’s very unfortunate that some people find it difficult to forgive.

If people just whole-heartedly forgive each other, what a wonderful world it could be. If people could just understand others, there would have been more chances of making ourselves better. With this in mind, I could then commit myself to be the person I hoped to be–someone who cares, someone who forgives, and someone who reflects the goodness of the LORD. I hope and pray that everybody could also see the goodness of each one amidst their wrongdoings and past mistakes.

My Students

My students are naughty, bubbly, sweet, and adorable. They are quiet and behave but they are noisy too at times. They love to crack jokes and most of the time, I can’t resist to smile. They are lovable and if I were given the chance to choose the students I would teach, I would rather choose them still. They are special to me and they have become a huge part of my life.

Recollection 2017

Sometimes, we have to be brokenhearted to become whole. Sometimes, we have to feel pain and hurt for us to feel the presence of the Lord. Today, I learned that I have many weaknesses and imperfections, but I can make them my strengths with the help of our Good Lord. I am inspired today and I pray that I will be the change I want to be not only for my self but for the whole universe. Today, I unite with God, the Father Almighty. Today, I commit myself to be better disciple of the Lord. Then, I could see myself as a whole.